James L. Studt

Attorney at Law

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J. L. Studt

Dedicated Spokane, Washington

Landlord/Tenant and Business Lawyer

     The James L. Studt Law Office provides personalized legal representation in a variety of practice areas. James takes pride in providing clients with effective and affordable guidance and legal advice. James knows that no two cases are alike, and takes pride in providing representation to his clients that is tailored to suit their specific requirements for every case.

Experienced and Affordable representation in a variety of practice areas:

     The James L. Studt Law Office prides itself on being a full-service law firm for landlords, for both residential and commercial leasing. James offers a broad range of affordable and effective services for landlords including assistance with forms, leases, notices, evictions, legal compliance, litigation and other areas. Contact the James L. Studt Law Office today to discuss your legal needs. The James L. Studt Law Office is located directly adjacent to the Spokane County Public Safety Building and is open Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

     A large portion of the practice is devoting to offering small business owners assistance with a wide range of legal matters that they may be facing or will have to deal with in the future. In addition, the James L. Studt Law Office can help you start your own business by helping you form a corporation, partnership or Limited Liability Company (LLC). The James L. Studt Law Office can assist you in making sure that your business entity does what it is supposed to do: protect your personal assets while allowing you to conduct your business.

     As a small business owner himself, James commits himself to establishing strong and long standing relationships with other small business owners. He can act as legal counsel if your business is facing legal issues, including assistance with lawsuits, unpaid accounts, legal compliance, administrative action, contract creation and negotiation, or nearly any other problem you may have. Clients are James' first priority. He strives to make clients comfortable in the office, maintaining a very professional but friendly setting. This allows you to discuss serious concerns open and honestly in order to determine the best way to proceed with your case.